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Radiological Services – Source Replacement, Removal & Decommissioning

International Isotopes Radiological Field Services International Isotopes Inc. has the expertise to provide you with a full array of on location radiological services such as:

• Sealed radioactive source installation or removal;
• Decommissioning of devices;
• Relocation of devices containing radioactive sources; and • Shipper of record services for radioactive materials.

In addition, International Isotopes has a Transportation Services subsidiary qualified to provide transportation of category 1 and 2 sources in compliance with all Nuclear Regulatory Commission Part 37 security requirements. This makes International Isotopes Inc. your “one stop shop” for all activities related to source replacement or decommissioning.

International Isotopes Inc. has unique capabilities that make our Field Services highly efficient and cost effective. For example, we have a modular design mobile hot cell that can be custom configured and quickly installed on location. This allows us to provide the safest and most efficient method for onsite radioactive source removal or exchange. This unique capability allows us to minimize the overall impact to your facility for this type of activity. Our Field Services team has completed multiple source recovery and relocation missions, nationally and internationally, in support of the Department of Energy’s Off-Site Source Recovery Program and for private companies. References from our many satisfied customers can be made available upon request.

The International Isotopes Inc. Radiological Field Services segment operates under a United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission possession and use license. This license allows us to package and ship a broad range of source models of Cobalt 60 and Cesium 137.

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