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Fluorine Extration Process

Who We Are


International Isotopes Inc. (INIS) develops and deploys innovative technological solutions that help make people’s lives better. We have been in business since 1995 providing products used in a variety of important medical and industrial applications. We have both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications and we have a reputation for consistently providing the best customer service and highest quality products in the marketplace today.

Our commercial depleted uranium de-conversion and fluorine extraction facility is truly unique and will help make clean nuclear power even cleaner and greener” by addressing the largest legacy waste issue of the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle – namely disposition of depleted uranium tails.  The INIS headquarters, manufacturing operations, and Fluorine Products Division are all currently located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  The Company’s new uranium de-conversion and fluorine extraction facility is planned for Lea county New Mexico.

The current INIS business segments include:


INIS manufactures many different sources and standards necessary for nuclear medicine imaging, patient positioning, instrument calibration, and testing of nuclear pharmacy devices. There are an estimated 14,000 nuclear medicine procedures occurring every day in over 5,000 nuclear medicine centers around the country and INIS manufactures the types of products that help ensure nuclear pharmacy devices and procedures are performed as designed and intended for patient safety and efficacy.  INIS is one of only three manufacturers in the U.S to provide these very unique types of products.


INIS manufactures a wide range of radioactive cobalt products and radiochemical for use as either raw materials or finished sealed sources in several other company radiation therapy devices and experimental irradiator capsules. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells with radiation. The sources provided by International Isotopes are used to create a beam of radiation that is used to treat cancer patients.  The radiochemical are supplied as a raw material or ingredient for further processing by others into finished pharmaceutical products.


INIS has constructed a high purity fluoride gas production and analysis facility in Idaho that uses our patented Fluorine Extraction Process (FEP).  INIS intends to use this technology to produce several high purity fluoride products as a part of our planned depleted uranium de-conversion and fluorine extraction processing facility.  These high purity fluoride products are in ever-increasing demand for numerous industrial applications such as ion-implantation or chemical vapor deposition processes for microelectronics components and high-speed silicon chip manufacture.


This business segment includes a variety of services such as radiological engineering, health physics consultant services, radioactive material shipping package design, and transportation for radioactive cargo materials.